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If you check out the Farmers’ Market on Saturday, 8:30am to 1pm, you’ll catch more Deep Roots’ music there, and you should think about picking up some of the great local food choices for a picnic in Clock Park later – after the parade.


A prairie singer songwriter from Alberta, Curtis Phagoo has one foot firmly planted in roots music, leaning on storytelling, truth, fiction, dark , and light. His other foot wanders in pop, and world music, freely  inspired by anything with a moving lyric. 

His record "When We Were Young", engineered and produced by Heath West @ The Space RD / Melodious Design Recording Co. is a collection of "heart on his sleeve" confessionals. The current singles "If I Could I Would", and "Makin' Hay" feature Pedal Steel, Dobro, and Mandolin. One a plea to a lover, the other a plea to a creator. They set the tone for this diverse record and showcase Phagoo's lyrical prowess and ability to tell it straight with waterfalling cadence and rhyme.  

(if i could i would) 

"...What makes Phagoo such a good singer is his relaxed approach which leaves room for other components of the tune to shine. With awesome stringed Instruments that add nuanced licks and twangy delight, the atmosphere of the track is folk country at its best." 

-Michael Collins, Glasse Factory 

(makin' hay) 

"...Well, Phagoo’s song is about farmers. It’s got a great classic 70s style of narrative folk. It reminds me of something that could have come from the Ramblin Jack Elliott camp of storytelling folk music. " 

- Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground 

Curtis has spent the last few years playing songwriter shows across western canada under the banner "Behind The Grind", a songwriter showcase in which he has toured 50+ shows from Vancouver Island to Winnipeg, and a series he produced in Red Deer that features 25 songwriters in 6 months.  

He has penned songs for Sean Burns, Levi Cuss, and Ryan Carnduff. 


Funded By Factor

"When We Were Young" available everywhere CLICK ALBUM COVER TO GO TO SPOTIFY


Makin' Hay (05/27/22)

Curtis Phagoo (FACTOR FUNDED)

Some call it an honest living, I call it the short straw, third generation farmer, working the ground raw, I learned it from my daddy, who leaned it from his pa, who tamed the land with an ox and plow, and never took a day off..... 

If I Could I Would

Curtis Phagoo (FACTOR FUNDED)

What good's a bottle in the ocean, with a letter coming back to me, what good's a heart drawn in the sand if you're not here to see, I wave a white flag I surrender, all my letters been returned to sender.....


Curtis Phagoo

They say that actions speak louder then words, all I got is words, words, words, words, words, they say that true love is for the birds, can we be birds, birds, birds, birds, birds..... 






The Studio isnt so much designed, but realized as a space for one on one creating, writing, growing. Located on an acreage just outside Red Deer Alberta, it's humble,a nice escape, a place of comfort.  This 200 square foot (small) space is equipt with everything needed to write a single, record and EP, or make a record. 


Antelope Discrete 8 Pro Synergy Core 

WA-412 - Transformer Balanced 4 Channel Discrete Mic Pre 

WA- Bus-Comp 2 Channel VCA Bus Compressor 

RNC 1773 Stereo Bus Compressor 

Klempt Echolette -5- Tape echo 

 Camden 500 pre's (2)

 Radial Komit Compressors (2)

Radial Q3 EQ's (2)

 Rupert Neve Designs 542 Tape Emulators (2)

Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor Limiter with Gate 

RNDI - Rupert Neve Designs - Active transformer Direct Interface 

SansAmp Bass Driver Tech 21-NYC

Yamaha HS8’s 


WA 47Fet




Lewitt - LCT 440 (2) 

Shure - Beta52A 

Shure - SM57 (3) 

Shure - SM58 (3) 

Rode - M3 (2) 

CAD - M179 


Takamine TSF40C NEX CA Legacy Series 

Takamine F369 

Fender Stratacaster 

Fender Telecaster 

Fender Telecaster Baritone

Ibanez Artcore AG95 

1978 Fender Music Maker

Fender Jazz bass 

Fender P-Bass Special 

Yamaha BBP35 Bass 

Ibanez GSR205BWK GIO 5 String 

Magnatone Lap Steel Guitar 


Gens-Benz Shuttle 3.0 Bass Amp , Mesa Engineering 2-10" cab 

Fender Excelsior Pawn Shop Series 13-Watt 1x15" Guitar Combo 


Line6 PodGo 

OCD Fulltone 

MXR Carbon Copy 

Super Octave OC-3 

Tremolo TR-2 

Hartke Bass Attack 


Canwood Custom Percussion 

-12" X 8" RACK TOM 

-16" X 16" FLOOR TOM 

-20" X 14" BASS 

-8” X 14” SNARE 


2013 (LATE) Mac Pro (64gig memory)

Featured Recording

Mike Szabo, Singer Songwriter, Red Deer AB

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